Get excited. (We are!)

Get excited (we are!).  We are building something new. 

IntegraMath's new project, the number lab, is making space for change. 

We have a new home.  We’ll be at 1201 W. 24th Street beginning this summer.  All classes, summer sessions, and meetings will take place in our new lab, right near the great energy of the University of Texas campus. 
Why a new location?  We’ve got big dreams and need a blank canvas to make our ideas happen. 
We like to work differently – and teach differently – and we need a space that communicates our culture and our vision.  We’ll be prototyping a space that matches our pedagogical values and practices.  Best of all, we’ll be helping more students reframe mathematics as a creative and collaborative endeavor. 

Things are busy as we work towards this next big step, with goals of serving as many students in the Austin area as possible and helping parents and teachers imagine more for kids in the area of mathematics. Everywhere we travel we find people dreaming of better math experiences.  They are dreaming of something better, but they don't really believe it can exist.  They want children to enjoy math, to see it as creative, to understand the rich conceptual foundations that connect the discipline.  They want their kids to be better at math than they were.  

Rich content, rigor, a strong conceptual base that allows kids to make their own cognitive leaps, and a classroom in which kids are debating with passion, really talking to one another, and have an edge-of-your-seat enthusiasm about math . . . sound familiar?  More kids and teachers are eagerly awaiting a math experience that is both an intellectual pursuit and also as a highly social endeavor. Our new space is a step towards serving them better.  

We continue to thank our friends for their support.  We appreciate you spreading the word and ensuring everyone has access to the incredible experience that is the number lab.