Every kid is a math kid.

Kids see themselves as "math kids" when they are given the tools to make sense of the math they experience.  Too many children sit all week in math classrooms that promote fragmentation of concepts or push them to learn to follow rules without thinking.  

the number lab offers summer and after-school sessions that will re-define what it is like to do, think about, and understand mathematics.  

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What should it be like to "do math?" With a teacher well-trained in both mathematics and teaching for deep learning, the experience of "doing math" is a whole new experience for a child.  Math is about thinking, reasoning, and transferring ideas.  Math is about making sense of numbers and patterns. Math is about perseverance & creativity.



What does it look like when a child is "thinking mathematically?"  She is wondering, explaining, justifying, reasoning, and collaborating.  She is talking about her thinking or reflecting on a peer's thinking.  She is refining the way she explains her solutions, and finding out that mathematics is a thoughtful endeavor.



What if a child learned that math was about "understanding," not just following tricks or over-practiced steps?  Strong number sense is built on understanding important concepts, big ideas, and properties that guide flexible manipulation of number.  Deep understanding builds intuition and practice within a supportive community builds confidence.

Inspired Learning.  Inspired Teaching.

As a participant in the number lab during the summer or during the school year, young learners will be challenged to continue their growth as mathematicians, becoming confident and inspired in their studies of mathematics.  

A series of purposeful lessons builds a deep understanding of a key number concept. Additionally, teaching practices built on supporting sense-making and reasoning give opportunities to internalize the lessons and inspire children to adopt positive identities as mathematicians . 

Students at the number lab will develop the perception of mathematics as a coherent, ever-growing body of knowledge by exploring mathematical big ideas.  These big ideas will help guide discussions that challenge misconceptions and deepen students' knowledge of concepts that serve as the foundation of number sense.

Students will learn to communicate their thinking with precision, construct proofs and meaningful algorithms, and incorporate mathematical terminology as they reason verbally through open discussions that are carefully scaffolded by a master teacher.   



Learning math is not about just learning how to walk on a straight line.

Give your child the opportunity to learn mathematics that is not just rote memorization, or a series of steps.  At the number lab, deep conceptual understanding and reasoning orally and in writing empower young mathematicians.