what is a micro-school?

Micro-schools are an innovative school model that are becoming popular among families and teachers who are dissatisfied with traditional schooling options that are inflexible and slow to respond to new ideas and educational research. A micro-school focuses instruction, offerings, time, and personnel to ensure quality and nimbleness. A micro-school resists the traditional shackles of schooling so as to ensure that learning and students are at the core.

the number lab launches a micro-school

The kids asked us first:  "Why can't school be like this every day?"  Taking a user-centric attitude (after all, kids spend about 71,400 minutes a year in school! ), the answer is clear . . . we need to think about what the experience is like for kids and we need to put them at the center of the learning.

Thus, because our kids asked, we responded: the number lab expanded to include an admissions-based micro-school, under the name Long-View Micro School. We've taken with us what we know about classroom culture and space design, added together the STEM content we've created, and unbundled the schooling experience so that parents and kids have a new education opportunity.  

The school was prototyped during the 2015-16 school year with a small group of dedicated families and expanded to serve 26 students in 2nd-5th grades for the 2016-17 school year and serve 37 2nd-6th graders in 2017-18. More growth is on the horizon as we add additional bands next year.