Transform your math instruction.

We know two things: Teaching math is hard work.  And good mathematics teaching makes an enormous difference.  

So how do we grow our mathematics practice? the number lab offers a progressive professional development model that opens teachers up to possibilities and invites them to adopt and refine new practices in a lab setting.


Check out our PD possibilities.


We have a number of ways we work with schools and districts. Check out our Menu of Possibilities to take a look at our varied services.


Attend our Educators' Collaboratory.

Our Educators' Collaboratory (and the follow-up experience, [Co]lab Intensive), are summer workshops held in Austin, Texas for 1st-8th math teachers, coaches, and administrators. The Educators' Collaboratory is an intensive 4-day experience for first-timers or returning educators. Returning educators also have the opportunity to attend the 5-day [Co]lab Intensive, which deepens understandings of the complex practices in a number lab classroom by focusing on planning and practice. 

Sign up for a Field Study Day.

Field Study Days (fall, winter, and spring) at our micro-school support teachers as they work to shift to new practices that scaffold deeper conceptual development. Field Study Days offer a unique opportunity to take part in a classroom experience, study student thinking, and reflect with colleagues.


Contact us to create a on-site workshop @your school.

We travel internationally and within the US to innovative schools interested in two or three day workshops. We prioritize schools that have taken part in the Educators' Collaboratory and thus have a group of leaders who can take a role in facilitating change and supporting colleagues across the year. Contact us at for more information.

I knew I needed to encourage my students to explain and think about their thinking, but because of this lab-based professional development, now I know HOW.
My new understanding from our 3-day p.d. session is that we must make our math transferable: that is key!
“I learned so much! I loved the language and I now understand how to elicit understanding of a number as a unit, as this is an idea we can help kids grow to every other type of number.”
This was the best professional development I have ever attended!