We record much of the teaching at the number lab and at Long-View Micro School. We typically use an iphone to record; we are not aiming for fancy or high-quality. This is a reflection tool for us, and we recognize that our teaching -- all teaching -- is a "rough draft." We are always working to improve it and it's never a "finished product." However, the constant video-recording gives us a chance to go back and study our work and our children's thinking.

As you comb through the collection of videos below and on our youtube channel, you may notice:

In our classrooms, children talk a lot! We are serious about academic discourse, about communication and collaboration, about precision of talk (and thinking), and about explaining and justifying. The underlying focus of all this talk is building reasoning power.

We have some practices and routines that we use that are unique and add to the robust way children experience mathematics when at our lab. For example, below you will see a the routines of Public Presentation and Analyzing Algorithms. We teach more about these practices in our Educators' Collaboratory and through our other teacher education opportunities.

In the classrooms we teach in, mathematics is not a rote subject and we do not teach a litany of prescriptive procedures and tricks. We teach thinking. We teach deep understanding. We have a conceptually-rich focus, and the big ideas of mathematics create bridges among the concepts.