the number lab was inspired by the children we have worked with and interviewed over the last years. Kids want to understand mathematics, and they want instruction that empowers them to make sense of the mathematics they learn. They want to be challenged. They deserve to be inspired. And America needs kids to be ready for rigorous jobs in STEM fields when they graduate from college in 15 years. Starting early ensures the right foundation and a positive disposition towards mathematics and intellectual challenge.


the number lab is owned and run by Kevin Moore, Cathy Lewis, and Lisa Zapalac, with the support of Eric Mann, Elizabeth Bayer Morgan, Kaylie McGrath, and Rebecca Andersson.


Kevin, Cathy, and Lisa have a decade-long history of working together on innovative math programming and launched the number lab in 2014. the number lab aims to create numerically powerful kids, providing them a strong foundation as mathematicians. the number lab is not typical "school math;" it is all that school math should be.  It offers challenging math curricula, built on the Number Reasoning Matrix ©2012,  that presents math as the coherent discipline that it is. the number lab emphasizes concept-rich, student-centered instruction and in which reasoning, discussing, and justifying orally are integral to the class environment, as are "public presentations" of knowledge. Students freely and thoughtfully share their solutions and conjectures, sparking fervent discussions and critical debates. The result is deep, lasting math knowledge.  

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Cathy Lewis:  clewis@thenumberlab.com

Lisa Zapalac:  lzapalac@thenumberlab.com

Kevin Moore:  kmoore@thenumberlab.com