Field Study Day in action

Field Study Days at our micro-school

We offer this highly progressive professional development model during the fall, winter, and spring. Field Study Days are on-site at our micro-school and we can accommodate 8-10 teachers embedded in a study session during a math block at Long-View Micro School.

2019-20 Field Study Dates:

10/16 (full), 11/15, 11/20(full), 3/27, 4/16

*contact us for potential additional dates


8:00 - 9:15 Pre-brief session: We'll discuss the lesson for the day, the components, the work the children have done up until this time (both the content as well as the work on social collaboration that has been emphasized), and discuss a set of observation lenses that will help us focus our study session.

9:20 - 11:20 Math block: We'll observe the two hour math block of one band of learners; we'll take notes, collect artifacts, and view the block through a broad set of lenses.

11:30 - 12:00 Post-brief session: We'll discuss our observations, paying close attention to content, practices, routines, and student talk.